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Our Conference on Saturday,

October 20, 2018 was enjoyed by many wonderful girls, parents and volunteers. Thank you all, for making it a wonderful day!!!

So many things to touch, see and try! We discovered the power of air with the New York Hall of Science and felt the many feet of the green caterpillar as it crawled along our fingers. Fire Science jeopardy had us rocking and hopping and we used our hands and tooth picks to learn how an architecture thinks and designs. We loved hearing from the mystery STEM women in the purple visors who really opened our eyes to a world of possibilities. At assembly we learned how planes fly from the women at Vaughn College who are learning to fly the planes. And we took home a book of awesome stories about women science pioneers. It was quite a day.!!!

Click on “Slide Show 2018” above, to see all this and more!!.